Rebel Race

Are you sick of the same routine every week?

Unleash your inner rebel: ditch the coat and tie and free yourself from the daily grind.

Rebel Race is a weekend get-away for athletes that want to run a military style 5k or 15k and then party like there’s no tomorrow!  — it’s the most adrenaline rushing obstacle run ever!

The Rebel Race Series is designed for people feeling the urge to tackle intense obstacles.  From start to finish, Rebel Race’s military style obstacles will have you dashing, barricade-climbing, mud-crawling, rope-swinging and fire-jumping.  Our grueling course forces each rebel to test their physical toughness and mental endurance.  Cross the finish line and bask in the glory with beer, food, live entertainment, and many new friends covered in mud.  Earn the bragging rights!

Whether you’re running, watching, or camping, it’ll be a weekend you’ll never forget!

There are participants running for over 70 charities to raise money for their cause.  The top 10 charities will be offered tent space at the event.  Please come and donate.

"Exercise is one of the best things you can do for your overall health, and may help reduce your risk of cancer, too." -American Cancer Society We could not agree more so we let people form teams and donate when registering to run for Rebel Race at:
Team Fox runs Rebel Race to raise money for Parkinson’s Disease
Team Fox is looking for runners to help them raise money for Parkinson’s Disease. Team Fox is giving free registration to any runner that raises $250 for Team Fox. If you are interested check out Team Fox’s website at